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The Bootcamp is part of our efforts to raise a pool of RPA developers in Nigeria, who will have the basic skills required to take RPA job opportunities, remotely or on-prem, as freelancers or as fulltime employees. It is also a means for us to grow the UiPath RPA community within and beyond Lagos.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is fast becoming for most companies the primary means of driving their digital transformation agenda in order to stay competitive, profitable, more customer-oriented. This means that the demand for RPA developer will continue to be on the rise globally as RPA technology continue to redefine how work is done, which in turn will impact on the skills that organisations look for in their current and prospective employees.


  1. Learn to acquire the automation-first mindset.
  2. Obtain primary UiPath RPA developer skills.
  3. Having requisite RPA skills opens you to apply for remote or full-time RPA job opportunities within or outside Nigeria.
  4. Become part of a pool of UiPath RPA professionals in Nigeria.
  5. Join a network of UiPath community of RPA developers and RPA technology enthusiasts.
  6. For those who desire to work abroad, be RPA compliant, and ready.

Before You Sign-up

It is important to understand that this is a semi-intensive event and as such, a significant amount of commitment and dedication will be expected of you in terms of both your time and resources.
Below are some of the things you need to consider and/or have in place before signing:

  1. This program is completely FREE, do not give a listening ear to anyone who requests any form of payment from you. Report such cases to
  2. The program is completely based on a “remote learning” model.
  3. This program lasts for a duration of three (3) weeks from start to end, without any break in-between.
  4. All study resources are FREELY available online.
  5. The daily schedule comprise of personal study, one-hour office hour session, and group discussions, and program-wide interaction via Slack.
  6. To fully participate in the program and derive maximum experience, you need to provide yourself with the following resources or minimum requirements:
  • A functional PC (at least Core i5, 8GB RAM)
  • Access to a reliable supply of electrical power
  • Access to internet data
  1. You are sure you can give at least 7 hours of your time per day (5 days weekly) to keep up with the daily schedule of the Bootcamp.
    You are willing to learn new IT skills even if the concept is foreign or unfamiliar to you now.
  2. You don’t mind learning online.
  3. You can work and collaborate in a team of other boot campers like you.
  4. You are willing to deliver project assignments and challenges on time.

DISCLAIMER: This program is not a job fair or a training school for any organization or company. Therefore, there is neither the promise of a job (any kind thereof) nor the guarantee of finding or getting you a job (freelance, part-time, or full-time) at the end of the Bootcamp program.

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