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There's no doubt that it is a tough time for startups and business communities around the world due to the COVID19 Pandemic and everyone is trying to do what they can to ease business, and Forbes8 is not just standing by. Forbes is supporting business resilience in Nigeria with the historic launch of its Resilience Digital Startup Accelerator program which will seek 100+

Applying for a tech role takes the same process as any other job role, so you need a great tech CV to stand out. Asides showing your tech skills practically, you still need to have a standard CV as you need a document to introduce yourself and your skills. So, what goes into a great tech CV? The recruiter may not be someone

So apparently, I’m presently working on a project in which I had to get the upcoming birthdays of employees whereby the query had to search for the latest birthday using the month and date properties as the filter and I thought of different ways to get the simplest and easiest way to go about it. In the course of my multiple