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Nurturing Technology Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs, growing the IT industry in Nigeria. Lagos, NG: 05/08/2019- With the projection by US Bureau of Labour Statistics that employment of web developers will rise much faster to 15% before 2026 compared to 7% in other occupations, it's no doubt that there's a growing opportunity in the tech industry for the Nigerian labour market. In response

Arrays are reference types and are very important in programming languages. They are an ordered list of values,allow you to store multiple values in a single variable,can be mutated and iterated through and;can be used in some really complex algorithms. In this article, I am going to go through a couple of really essential array methods in JavaScript. pop() This array method is

I’ve always being that sorta person, the kind that sees potential beauty in something seemingly ugly. In these situations, I can’t help myself from wanting to jump in and begin building to achieve the beauty I imagine. Now this might seem like a great personality trait to have, not the kind one should complain about. But in my experience, it’s not